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The Market For Plexiglass Is Booming

Plexiglass is a hot item all of a sudden, as the need for social distancing and protection has increased. That’s meant a huge uptick in business for acrylic plexiglass supplier.

The rush of calls started in mid-March. As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world, hospitals were in desperate need of face shields for protection, public areas need social distancing protective barriers or protective partitions. So the market turned to manufacturer of thermoplastic sheet, the glass-like material needed for the production of face shields and protective barriers.


Demand for face shields could normalize by the end of year, but we are not sure the booming market for acrylic barriers will wind down anytime soon. In addition to the surge in demand from restaurants, retailers and offices that are slowly opening up, more use cases and interested buyers keep popping up as more business or meeting activities reopens, one sample as reported below:

“Acyclic glass installed in state parliament in Germany- The first time since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in Germany, the North-Rhine Westphalia Parliament met in full session. To maintain social distance 240 lawmakers were separated by acyclic glass boxes.”

As a quality manufacturer of the best in acrylic (PMMA) materials in China, DHUA got orders for clear acrylic barrier sheets that were piling in. Primitively most buyers needed the sheets installed between cashiers and customers, and more business quickly followed suit. Now like other plexiglass manufactures, DHUA is manufacturing clear barriers installed between booths and tables at restaurants, shatterproof partitions to separate drivers from boarding passengers and “barrier stations” for employers to safely take workers’ temperatures at the start of shifts. The products have already made their way into retailers, courtrooms, movie theaters, schools and offices work areas.


Post time: Nov-17-2020