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DHUA’S acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheets are almost unbreakable, giving them a distinct advantage over glass in terms of safety and security. Mirrored acylic and polycarbonate sheet can be made into various of convex safety & security mirrors, blind spot mirror and inspection mirrors. Clear acrylic sheet can be made into popular sneeze guard products.

Main application include the following:
• Outdoor convex safety & security mirrors
• Driveway mirror & traffic mirrors
• Indoor convex safety mirrors
• Baby safety mirrors
• Dome mirrors
• Inspection and see-through mirrors (two-way mirrors)
• Sneeze Guard, Protective Barrier Safety Shield

Product Details

DHUA manufactures convex safety & security mirrors, blind spot mirror and inspection mirrors made from quality acrylic mirror sheet which is light weight, shatter resistant and excellent clarity. DHUA convex mirrors are videly used for retail, warehouse, hospital, public areas, loading docks, warehouses, guard booths, production facilities, parking garages and road from driveways and intersections. Benefits of using a convex mirror for security and safety is listed as below:

Lightweight, durable, cost-efficient and long lasting

  • ● Environment-friendly
  • ● Designed with increased visibility
  • ● Works will with combined with security cameras
  • ● Shapes can cater to various positions and placements
  • ● Reflections give out crispimage for clarity and visibility
  • ● Have designs perfecet for both indoor and outdoor
  • ● Durable against the weather and elements
  • ● Also useful as safety device
  • ● Enhances traffic flow


DHUA acrylic which offers a tough, highly transparent finish for a clear line of vision, it is perfect used for current increased demands of plexiglass sneeze guards which became a necessary device to create a level of physical distance and security between people. DHUA has powerful fabrication equipment and experience to produce custom sneeze guards, shields and partitions to fit any countertop or location demand.


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