• Art & Design

    Art & Design

    Thermoplastics are an excellent medium for expression and innovation. Our selection of high-quality, versatile acrylic sheet and plastic mirror products help designers bring their creative visions to life. We provide a variety of colors, thicknesses, patterns, sheet sizes and polymer formulations to meet the needs of countless art and design applications.

    Main application include the following:

    • Artwork

    • Wall Decor

    • Printing

    • Display

    • Furnishing

  • Dental


    With high heat resistance, high impact strength, anti-fog and high level of crystal clarity, DHUA polycarbonate sheeting is an ideal choice for dental protective face shields and dental mirrors.

    Main application include the following:
    • Dental/Mouth mirror
    • Dental face shield

  • Security


    DHUA’S acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheets are almost unbreakable, giving them a distinct advantage over glass in terms of safety and security. Mirrored acylic and polycarbonate sheet can be made into various of convex safety & security mirrors, blind spot mirror and inspection mirrors. Clear acrylic sheet can be made into popular sneeze guard products.

    Main application include the following:
    • Outdoor convex safety & security mirrors
    • Driveway mirror & traffic mirrors
    • Indoor convex safety mirrors
    • Baby safety mirrors
    • Dome mirrors
    • Inspection and see-through mirrors (two-way mirrors)
    • Sneeze Guard, Protective Barrier Safety Shield

  • Automotive and Transportation

    Automotive and Transportation

    For strength and durability, DHUA’s acrylic sheet and mirror products are used in transportation applications, transportation mirrors and automotive mirrors.

    Main application include the following:
    • Convex mirrors
    • Rear view mirrors, sideview mirrors

  • Lighting


    The materials most commonly used for lighting applications are acrylic and polycarbonate.   Our acrylic products can be used to form clear or diffuse lenses to the residential, architectural and commercial lighting applications. You can choose from our acrylic products to meet the technical and visual requirements of your project.

    Main application include the following:
    • Light guide panel (LGP)
    • Indoor signage
    • Residential lighting
    • Commercial lighting

  • Framming


    Acrylic is a glass alternative that has gained popularity as a framing material. It’s hard, flexible, lightweight, and even recyclable. Acrylic-panel frames are more versatile and ideal for any living situation because they are so much safer and more durable. They will preserve photographs and frames much longer than glass. they can hold everything from photos to slim artworks and memorabilia.

    Main application include the following:

    • Wall decoration

    • Display

    • Artwrok

    • Musemum

  • Exhibit & Trade Show

    Exhibit & Trade Show

    Performance plastic and plastic fabrication have exploded onto the events scene. Plastic offers a lightweight yet durable solution that is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures. Event companies love acrylic because it can fit with so many different decor themes and is durable enough to still look great after several events.

    DHUA thermoplastic sheet products are widely used in exhibit and trade-show booths.

    Main application include the following:
    • Display cases
    • Business card/brochure/sign holder
    • Signage
    • Shelving
    • Partitions
    • Poster frames
    • Wall decoration

  • Retail & POP Display

    Retail & POP Display

    DHUA offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing plastic sheets, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene and PETG, to enhance any product presentation. These plastic material are ideal for point-of-purchase (POP) displays to help increase sales and turn casual browsers into paying consumers because of their ease of fabrication, outstanding aesthetic properties, lightweight and cost, and increased durability ensures a long life for POP displays and store fixtures.

    Main application include the following:
    • Artwrok
    • Displays
    • Packaging
    • Signage
    • Printing
    • Wall decoration

  • Signage


    More lightweight and durable than metal or wooden signs, plastic signs can withstand outdoor conditions with minimal fading, cracking, or degradation. And plastics can be molded or machined to the exact specifications required for the display or sign and can be manufactured in a wide array of custom colors. Dhua offers acrylic plastic sheet materials  for signage and offers custom fabrication.

    Main application include the following:
    • Channel letter signs
    • Electrical signs
    • Indoor signs
    • LED signs
    • Menu boards
    • Neon signs
    • Outdoor signs
    • Thermoformed signs
    • Wayfinding signs