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See-Thru Two-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Short Description:

The Acrylic Two-Way Mirror, sometimes called see-through, surveillance, transparent or one-way mirror. This special mirror allows you to see through it while still reflecting light back. For surveillance, special applications, Dhua See-Thru / Two Way Acrylic Mirror is an ideal choice.

• Available in 1220*915mm/1220*1830mm/1220x2440mm sheets

• Available in .039″ to .236″ (1.0 – 6.0 mm) thicknesses

• Available in color

• Custom sizes and thicknesses also available 

Product Details

Acrylic See-Through Mirror, See-Thru/Two-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet

The Acrylic Two-Way Mirror, sometimes called see-through, surveillance, transparent or one-way mirror. A two-way mirror acrylic sheet is designed with a semi-transparent film on the acrylic, allowing a small amount of incident light through and reflecting the rest. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated.


Product name Acrylic See-Through Mirror, See-Thru/Two-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet
Material Virgin PMMA material
Surface Finish Glossy
Color Clear or color
Size 1220*915mm, 1220*1830mm, 1220*2440mm, custom cut-to-size
Thickness 1-6 mm
Density 1.2 g/cm3
Masking Film or kraft paper
Application Surveillance, security, animal enclosures
MOQ 50 sheets
Sample time 1-3 days
Delivery time 10-20 days after getting deposit


Dimension Information

Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4″. Thickness tolerances are +/- 10% on acrylic sheets and can vary throughout the sheet. Normally we see variations less than 5%. Please refer to nominal and actual sheet thicknesses below.

0.06″ = 1.5 mm

1/8″ = 3 mm = 0.118″

3/16″ = 4.5 mm = 0.177″

1/4″ = 6 mm = 0.236″

Please contact us if you have tighter dimension tolerance requirements than our standard tolerances.


Color Information

Dhua Acrylic Mirror sheets are available in a variety of colors.


Two-way or see-thru acrylic mirrors have a variety of applications and benefits. Here are some of the ways to incorporate two-way mirror acrylic sheet in your business or home.

  • Home Security
  • Commercial Surveillance
  • Hiding a TV
  • Smart Mirrors
  • Home Privacy
  • Hiding Valuables
  • Bank Surveillance
  • Store Security
  • Education
  • Animal Research


Production Process

Dhua Acrylic Mirror Sheet is made with extruded acrylic sheet. Mirrorizing is done by the process of vacuum metallizing with aluminum being the primary metal evaporated.


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