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More lightweight and durable than metal or wooden signs, plastic signs can withstand outdoor conditions with minimal fading, cracking, or degradation. And plastics can be molded or machined to the exact specifications required for the display or sign and can be manufactured in a wide array of custom colors. Dhua offers acrylic plastic sheet materials  for signage and offers custom fabrication.

Main application include the following:
• Channel letter signs
• Electrical signs
• Indoor signs
• LED signs
• Menu boards
• Neon signs
• Outdoor signs
• Thermoformed signs
• Wayfinding signs

Product Details

Signage materials from DHUA covers billboards, scoreboards, retail store signage and transit station advertising displays. Common products include nonelectric signs, digital billboards, video screens and neon signs. Dhua mainly offer acrylic materials which are available in standard, and cut-to-size sheets and custom fabrication for signage application.

An acrylic signs is a plastic sheet with a glossy finish. It comes in many different colors including frosted and clear.  This sign type is light weight and durable for outside and indoor use. It’s also extremely flexible to fit near any design. There are so many different uses which makes this a very popular sign.


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