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Flexible Plastic Double-Sided Concave Convex Mirrors for Educational Toys

Short Description:

Two sided plastic mirrors, concave and convex mirror are perfect for student and education applications. Each mirror comes with a peel off protective plastic film. 

100mm x 100mm sizes.

Pack of 10.  

Product Details

Product Description

DHUA provides Double Sided Unbreakable Concave/Convex Plastic Mirrors with protective peel-off film. These high quality plastic mirrors are perfect for student and education applications. A durable resource for exploring symmetry, reflections, and patterns with plastic mirrors. Students can use these unbreakable plastic mirrors to visualize and understand symmetry, reflections, and patterns. Each double sided convex/concave mirror measures 10cm x 10cm.


Product Name Double-Sided Concave/Convex Plastic Mirror
Material Plastic, PVC Color Silver mirror surface face
Size 100mm x 100mm or customized Thickness 0.5 mm or customized
Feature Double sided Included Component 10 plastic mirrors
Application Education experiment, toys MOQ 100 packs
Sample time 1-3 days Delivery time 10-20 days after getting deposit

What you get

1 x mirror pack, including 10 x double sided convex/concave mirrors, each measuring 10cm x 10cm.

How it works

The convex mirror, also known as a fish eye or diverging mirror, has a reflective surface which bulges outwards towards the light source. Because the light hits the surface at various angles and is reflected outwards for a wide view. They are prominently featured in a number of applications, including the passenger-side mirror of cars, the safety mirrors in hospitals, schools, and automated bank teller machines.

The concave, or converging mirror, has its reflective surface bulging inwards. Concave mirrors tend to reflect all light inwards towards a single focal point, and can easily used to focus light. This type of mirror can be found in reflecting telescopes, headlamps, spotlights, and make-up or shaving mirrors.


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