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The Advantages of Acrylic Mirror Sheet Being Laser Cutting

1. Low product cost: Not limited by the number of processing. For the small batch processing efficiency, laser processing is becoming cheaper.

2. Small cutting gap: Laser cutting gap is generally 0.10-0.20mm.

3. Smooth cutting surface: No burr on the laser cutting surface. Laser cutting mirror acrylic works beautifully, providing clean, polished cut edges. 

4. Little effect on the deformation of the acrylic mirror sheet: The cutting slot of Laser processing is small, its cutting speed is fast and energy is concentrated, the heat transmitted to the cutting material is small, so material deformation is also very small during laser processing.

5. Suitable for the processing of large products: Mold manufacturing costs for large products are high, however laser cutting does not need any mold manufacturing, and can completely prevent the collapse of the edge caused by the material punching shear, it greatly reduce the cost, improving the grade of acrylic mirrors.

6. Save materials: Laser processing using computer programming, can cut different shapes of sheet, maximizing the use of materials and reducing the cost of acrylic mirror sheets.

7. Short consumption cycle: Once the product drawings comes out, immediately can be laser processing, you can get the new product in the shortest time.


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Post time: Nov-08-2022