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Some Tips for Acrylic Crafts Processing

As a senior acrylic craft master, you often deals with acrylic processing. What tips do you need to know when make acrylic processing? Here are some tips from Dhua Acrylic.

1, The surface hardness of the acrylic sheet is equivalent to aluminum, you should be careful to avoid surface scratches during processing .  If scratched, it can be polished to restore the original shiny surface.  

2. The thermal deformation temperature of ordinary acrylic sheet is about 100 degrees, and the continuous operating temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.  

3, Acrylic sheets are easy to generate static electricity and adsorb dust. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% soapy water to clean them.  

4, Acrylic sheets have a certain coefficient of expansion, appropriate expansion gap must be considered to leave during installation.


Post time: Sep-06-2021