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How to Install Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet makes for a practical and beautiful addition to walls, doors, entryways and more, adding a modern touch to whatever space you install it in. Acrylic mirror sheet is highly popular as it provides the classic appearance of glass while being stronger and half the weight. It can easily be cut and shaped to fit a particular shape, meaning you can install several large sheets for a statement mirror wall or just install small pieces for a kaleidoscopic décor touch. Acrylic mirror sheet is also more flexible than glass, meaning it can conform to any irregularities present on the surface you are affixing it to. If you want to eliminate any chance of distortion, go for a thicker acrylic, as it is less flexible and has higher optical integrity.

If you are wanting to install acrylic mirror sheet to your home or business, follow the tips below to make sure your installation goes smoothly.


Bfore you can put your acrylic mirror sheet up, you need to prepare your work area:

• Measure the space you are attaching the acrylic to precisely – while this is an obvious tip, it is essential to do this properly so that the rest of your installation goes well.

• Subtract 3mm from every metre from the dimensions – for example, if the surface was 2m x 8m, you would subtract 6mm from the 3 metre side and 24mm from the 8 metre side. The resulting number is the size that your acrylic sheet needs to be.

• Keep the polyethylene layer that the acrylic sheet comes with on to ensure that it is not damaged or stained during the installation process.

• Mark where you need to drill, cut or saw your sheet to make it the correct size. Do this on the protective film, not the acrylic sheet.

• If cutting your acrylic sheet to size, make sure that the mirrored side with the protective film is facing you, so you can see how it’s faring during the installation process.


Next, you need to prepare the surface that the acrylic sheet is to be applied to. Some suitable materials to apply your acrylic mirror sheet to include waterproof gypsum, fixed mirror tiles, plaster, stone or concrete walls, chipboard panels and MDF panels. To ensure that your surface is ready for installation, check to see that it is completely flat, smooth and free from moisture, grease, dust or chemicals. To be sure that your chosen surface can support the acrylic sheet, try taping it onto your substrate to see if it can support the weight. After you’ve confirmed that your surface has the load-bearing capacity required, you can confidently begin your installation. Follow these next steps to complete a smooth installation:

• Remove the protective film from the side of the sheet that will be facing the surface and clean it with petroleum ether or isopropyl alcohol.

• Choose a bonding agent, which could be double-sided tape, acrylic or silicone adhesives. If using tape, place horizontal strips evenly across the width of the acrylic mirror sheet.

• Hold the sheet at a 45° angle along where you are intending to place it. Check to see you are completely happy with the alignment, as this is the last chance you have to rectify any issues before applying the sheet to the substrate.

• Remove the paper from your double sided tape and hold the top edge of the sheet against your surface at the same 45° angle. Use a spirit level to check that it is straight against the wall, then slowly reduce the sheet’s angle so it lays perfectly flush against the substrate.

• Press the sheet firmly to ensure the tape adheres completely – keep pressing for as long as you need to be sure the adhesive has fully taken affect.

• Once the sheet is secured, remove the protective film from the mirrored side that is now facing you.


With some basic handyman skills, anyone can install stunning acrylic mirror sheeting to their home, business or investment property. Add a statement mirror to your bathroom, reflective décor to your bedroom or add a touch of brightness to any other area of your building by installing your own acrylic mirror sheet thanks to the tips above!


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