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Factors That Influence Price of Acrylic Sheet & Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic sheet and acrylic mirror sheet have been a great application in our life, as you know that PMMA and PS are plastic, but among them the performance of acrylic products is better, it is featured with high hardness, easy processing, long service life and other characteristics.  Acrylic sheet is composed of monomer particles MMA through the process of polymerization, so it is also called PMMA sheet.


That affects the price of acrylic sheet is mainly determined by two factors: raw material costs and transportation costs, followed by supply and demand. 

1. Raw material costs

Acrylic sheet is made of monomer MMA by polymerization process, and it is the price of raw materials of MMA that determines the price of acrylic sheets and mirror sheets. When the price of raw materials MMA goes up, the price of acrylic sheets and mirror sheets naturally rises, when the cost of purchasing materials is high, manufacturers will sell them at a higher price.  And actually raw material prices are controlled by countries with developed chemical industry. 


Raw materials are divided into recycled materials, virgin materials and imported materials.  As the name implies, recycled material is material recycled from the acrylic sheet scraps, its price is certainly cheaper, relatively its quality is not as good as virgin material.  Virgin material is a completely new raw material. Imported material is raw material imported from abroad, due to the difference in the production process environment of raw material, generally imported material is more expensive than domestic virgin material, the quality of the sheet produced is also obviously different. 


2. Supply and demand

As the characteristics of acrylic sheets are obviously better than PS, MS, PET, the demands for acrylic products in all kinds of field get more, and the demand for plastic raw materials will also increase. On the contrary, it will be affected by global environmental pollution pressure, the decline of chemical industry capacity, energy-saving and emission reduction measures/process improvement, inflation and other factors, especially in front of environmental protection, for the sake of future generations, the government will strengthen the management of environmental protection, so it will be inevitably influenced.


Post time: Aug-02-2022