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9 Tips to Clean Acrylic Displays (Plexiglass)



1 The fouling on the acrylic display stand can be wiped clean with cloth dipped in toothpaste.  

2 Put some water in the washbasin, pour a little shampoo into the water and mix them, then use it to wipe the acrylic display stand, which will appear exceptionally clean and bright.  

3 If there are stains or oil on the acrylic displays, you can use cloth or cotton with a little kerosene or liquor to wipe them gently.

4 Use a soft cloth or soft paper soaking in water with alcohol or liquor to wipe the acrylic display stand first, and then use a clean cloth dipped in some chalk to wipe again.

5 If there is dirt on the acrylic display stand coated with gold edge, you can wipe it with a towel dipped in beer or liquor to make it clean and bright.  

6 If the acrylic display stand are stained with paint and grime, it can be easily wiped with vinegar.

7 If there is a large area of oil on the acrylic display shelves, scrub with waste gasoline first, then wash with washing powder or detergent powder, and then rinse with water.  

8 Wipe the acrylic display rack with onion slices, not only to remove the dirt, but also make it especially bright.

9 Leftover tea can be used as a good detergence to wipe the acrylic display stand.


Post time: Sep-02-2021